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Created in 1913, the legendary brand Schott invites you to discover the 1 New York, that of the New Yorkers. In this urban jungle, Schott makes you stronger and protects you because you know you can count on him.





Irving Schott is born in New York.


New York, brothers Schott open their first manufacturing plant: Their functional and solid clothes are an immediate success.


Irving Schott, passionate biker, creates the first zipped leather jacket. He gives it the same name as his favorite Cuban cigar, the Perfecto!


Schott stops all civilian production for the benefit of the US armed forces to participate in the war effort.


The Perfecto becomes legendary thanks to Marlon Brando in "L'Equipe Sauvage" and James Dean in "The Fury of Life".


The Perfecto makes its appearance in Europe.


The Flight Jacket, once worn by airmen, becomes the fashionable jacket.


The Schott down jacket in geese feather is essential every winter.


The cabans of US Navy, the inevitable Bombers, , the "Outdoor" models triumph.

Years 2000

The mythical of Schott are restyled and fashioned. New generations of highly innovative products, such as vintage leather jackets, Sherpa sweaters or big sweatshirts have been launched and have quickly become international fashion references.





In 1928,

when Irving Schott made the first motorcycle jacket, no one could have predicted its long-term impact on the fashion industry as well as its incredible success among consumers of all stripes. Today you do not need to be part of a band or ride Harley-Davidson to wear black leather.


Irving's cuban cigar, the Perfecto...

Whether he was negotiating costs, talking to his first sellers or dealing with suppliers, Irving Schott always had his favorite Cuban cigar, the "Perfecto", in his mouth. Like Groucho Marx, Winston Churchill and George Burns, the cigar became his favorite accessory.


The Perfecto, motorbike jacket.

The first motorbike jacket was made for "Beck Distributors", Harley-Davidson distributors in Long Island, New York. It was sold retail at $ 5.50. Shortly after, Irving Schott launched a line of motorbike jackets under the brand name "Perfecto". Since the early fifties, only the "top" of motorbike jackets Schott carries the label Perfecto.


In 1954,

the Perfecto Schott appeared as a central accessory of the cult film "The Wild Ones", with Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin. The ever more frequent appearance of the jacket and its growing popularity actually led to the decline in sales! The Perfecto was banned in many schools because it was often associated with thugs!




In the 50s, a new generation of aircraft involves reviewing the behavior of the pilots of the US Air Force, , equipped with jackets either leather or woolen skin.

A lightweight jacket, warm, functional, ergonomic perfectly adapting to the needs of pilots in their cockpit is born, the Bombers.

Its two original colors are explained by their function: in case of emergency landing, the color khaki blend in nature, while the orange lining is easily spotted by rescue teams at sea.

In several decades, Schott has produced hundreds of thousands of Bombers, Flight Jackets and Bombardiers in both the military and civilian sectors.

The most famous of them, the Bomber MA-1, has gone beyond its origins and its first use to become an iconic piece of fashion that appeals to both men and women.

Timeless, it continues to cross epochs and continues to be revisited. It remains a key piece in the Schott collections.

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